Maiden show with Cuzin Waine Fromain and Farney Dee. Invenshuns: "Live Goose Up Vest", Wood Burning Chainsaw, etc. Dog Lover's Song: "Ain't No Cats Upon the Moon".
Priscilla on Commontater' School. Homemade song: "Don't Be Backwards". Invenshuns - Inflatable Beaver House. Song #2: "I'm a Big Maine Moose".
With Cuz' and Squally. Story about Daddy by Cuzzie. Ross explains "Cramberry". Patriotic song from the young soldier's point of view: "You Don't Feel Like a Hero".
Cuz' - spreading the smell around with Farney Dee. Fromain Forum: How to Fool the Game Warden. Legend "The Phantom Wood Choppah'" with Ross.
Cuz' messed up, again! Homemade Patriotic song: "You Wave to Me". F. F. on "Cow Phone" to fool Warden again.
Squall explains Randumb Radio schedule. Song: "Wonder Bar" - Cuzin's hang-out. Invenshun'- "Beer Bed".
Sunny Mood. Farney calls Cuz' "El Cheapo". Intro - "Rayloon" known as the "Great Far Off". Motorcycle song (sort ah'): "Hang On".
Priscilla on Breaking Wind. Bruce, the Silly Goose, on selling used briefs. Ralphie Schizz about Backwards Genetics.
Squall Buttz balks. Sad homemade patriotic song: "D.A.V. Dancer". Visit with Aunt Hazel. Spring loaded shoes.
Outhouse broadcasting with Cuz'. Party song: "Panty Hose". Nawthin' Maine reintroduces clams and lobstahs to the Maine Woods.
Priscilla takes ovah' while Cuz' goes in the woods. Stinking little Rhyme of the day. Cuz' sings another of his patriotic songs.
Off the Wall with Cuz' and Squall. "Hens in Harness". Cuzzie's wonderful farm life. Ross on religion begins.
More with Cuz' and Farney Dee. Ross on religion: "Caveman Alphabet". Home on the Ridge with Cuzzie. Patriotic (sad) song: "And Blue".
Priscilla Huskfoot Fan Club. Singing cow in the outhouse. Ross returns with episode 3 on religion: "Caveman Plan".
Cuz, Ross Cramberry and Cuzzie pay tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the real 'Waine from Maine' and his bride.
Cuz starts with a song for his granddaughter Saige: "You're a Princess". Cuz banters with Squall Buttz before introducing the final of 4 segments with Ross Cramberry on the origins of Religion. Cuz next interviews Cuzzie who talks about her Grandpa.
Cuzin' Waine with Farney Dee debate Aunt Hazel's theory of personal odor appreciation. Cuz' sings "Magic River Road". Ross Cramberry is back with Backwards Legends - the legend of Katie Mountain. Cuzzie ends the show with more of her "Remember the Time" stories of her youth.
Cuzin Waine explains "long-range fly hunting". Cuz' sings "Lovelife Story". Ross Cramberry continues with episode 2 of the legendary story of Katie Mountain. On Fromain Forum Cuz' explains the "Airborne Deer Carrier" to a caller.
Cuzin' Waine describes a unique local barn. Squall Buttz introduces Cuz' singing "Let Me Down Easy". Ross Cramberry brings Part 3 of his "Legend of Katie Mountain". Fromain Forum tells how to build a cordwood home and avoid property taxes! Cuzzie is back with "Remember the Time" telling of skating and sledding.
Cuzin' Waine again describes a unique local barn. Farney introduces Cuz' singing "Please Take Me". Fromain Forum talks about finding the right partner.  Cuz and Cuzzie on "Remember the Time" talks about "gigging" and snakes. Ross Cramberry part 4 of "Legend of Katie Mountain".
Cuzin' Waine sings "Naughty Girl". Rossy "Pa" continues with the 5th installment of the "Legend of Katie Mountain". Fromain Forum discusses the "Pogo Rototiller" and the "Stealth Lighter than Air Deer Carrier". Cuzzie and Cuz on "Remember the Time" talk about playing baseball as kids.
Cuz ponders the local area beauty. Squall T. Buttz discusses the contest to determine what his middle initial stands for. Cuz sings "Right Place, Right Time". Pa returns with episode 6 of Katie Mountain's legend. On "Fromain Forum" Cuz takes a call from LeClair. Cuzzie with another interview on "Remember the Time".
Video Introduction to Cuzin Waine at WNUB, with a chance to view the recording studio (privio) and meet several of the characters. From the MADE IN KATAHDIN DVD release in 2006.
Cuz gives a lesson on outhouse insect wisdom. Farney tells about the squirrel. Cuz sings "I Remember Mama". Cuz introduces Ross Cramberry on Part 7 of "The Legend of Katie Mountain". Cuz and Cuzzie chat about her mother on "Remember the Time".
Priscilla introduces Cuz singing "Learning About Love". On Fromain Forum Cuz tries to talk to Caller #2. Ross Cramberry and Cuz continues with episodes 8 and 9 of the "Legend of Katie Mountain". Priscilla introduces Cuz and Cuzzie. Cuzzie tells about her Mother's kitchen on "Remember the Time".
Cuz describes the Katahdin View Rating Index. Farnsworth D. Squatt introduces Cuz singing the "Anniversary Song". Farney talks about paper bags. Fromain Forum - Cuz tells a story about his Dad and Fred Clifford. Cuz introduces Cuzzie on "Remember the Time" talking about her Grandpa.
Cuz talks about naming an outhouse, then tells the "Stinking Outhouse Rhyme of the Day". Priscilla Huskfoot introduces Cuz singing "Ever Will Be". Cuz introduces Ross telling the story of "The Legend of Stumpasaurus Rex". Cuz interviews Cuzzie talking about her Grammie. Priscilla once again insults Cuz enough to elicit a response, and Cuz signs off.
Cuz tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Squall Buttz introduces Cuz singing "When You Find The Girl". Squall tells about his Alaska love. On Fromain Forum a customer of a Castiron Canoe disputes the guarantee with Cuz. Cuzzie talks about the rooster, her horse, and graveyards. Ross Cramberry discusses Uncle Fuller's backwards philosophy and a story about a guide dog.
Farney D. introduces Cuz singing "Ain't No Cats Upon the Moon". Cuz brings on "Pa" Ross Cramberry taking about "Elvis the Goat". Farnie and Cuz introduce Cuzzie telling more stories about her Mom's cooking and a couple school stories.
Cuz describes a Goat Placement System and online haircuts, followed by the Stinky Little Rhyme. Priscilla Huskfoot introduces Cuz with a new song - a live recording of "No One Was Left Standing", about the Alamo. Ross Cramberry tells some tales of very large deer, and an encounter with his Mother's rooster. Cuzzie talks about her Mother's cooking, especially desserts and Chop Suey. Cuz sings "DAV Dancer". Cuz thanks his first fan Joseph as he signs off.
Cuz describes a useful tool for the Maine Indoorsmun, a "Tree-Cliner" - a combination recliner and tree-stand, as well as related useful information. Squall T. Buttz introduces Cuz singing a song for his Mother titled "When You Need a Little Love". Squall then introduces Thomas W. Belfry - super spy. Cuz introduces Cuzzie remembering cars of the old days, when they were building 95. Squally introduces Warden Lovesey giving some good outdoors and hunting tips. Cuz sings his song "Demons and Deacons" and warns parents to watch out for their children. Cuz tells about calling "Crash" the Moose, and catching it on video.
Cuz talks about the Mountain, and tells his Stinking Little Outhouse Rhyme of the Day. Farney D talks about his first fan mail letter. Cuz explains saying things off-hand that can be taken offensively by someone who isn't from the area. Farney introduces Kate Rusby singing "My Young Man" from her album "Little Lights". Cuz tells a story about why time goes faster as you get older. Ross Cramberry talks about genetically engineered Canada Geese - the "Cargo Goose" - for transporting partridge from the field to the freezer.
Cuz talks more about Maine words, and gives the true meaning of a unique Maine saying. He gives his Stinking Little Rhyme of the Day. Priscilla Huskfoot introduces Cuz singing "Dear Bangor" for the troop greeters. Ross Cramberry talks about Claytoon and One-Stop-Shopping and a forgotten game of bowling at Soucie's in Mattawamkeag. Cuz introduces Cuzzie - finally - and she found her voice. She tells about cows on "Remember the Time", and making and buying clothes. Cuz insults - accidentally - Cuzzie's meat loaf, and brings an end to the discussion.
Cuz discusses the leaves changing color, and things we do that are "field expedient". Then tells his "Stinking Rhyme of the Day". Squall T. Buttz introduces Cuz singing "Oh Maine". Squall introduces Ross Cramberry talking about the old days around Yawdem with some tall tales from his youth. Cuzzie is back in voice, and tells about her dog and life without central heat on "Remember the Time".
Cuz tells his "Stinking Little Outhouse Rhyme of the Day", and then introduces Squall Buttz - today's Common-Tater. Cuz sings his "Magic River Road" as a way to introduce "Southern Comfort". Unfortunately "Comfort" couldn't make it, so Squall introduces Cuz and "Sawthin' Jumbo" - from the Sawthin' part of Golden Ridge - pickin' his banjo and telling tales about his tremendous "Scruggs-like" talent. Squall introduces Cuz and Cuzzie for another conversation about "Remember the Time" - discussing board games and playing card games, and being the first in the car for trips to town. Cuz rants against made in China before signing off.
Cuz talks about the first snow and wood piles, and tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Farney Dee takes over the mic and introduces Patsy Clone (Cline) singing "My Mama Told Me". Ross Cramberry is interviewed by Cuz on the "Rolling Interview Series". Ross discusses invenshuns from Yawdem and Golden Ridge, including natural scents and "wormeries". Cuz and Cuzzie talk about growing dahlias around the house and digging them up in the fall, Cole's Express and "chick-time" in the spring. Cuz introduces Trappah Wildes on another "Rolling Interview", where he mentions trapping Polar Bears with Tunk Brackett on the Snake River.
Cuz introduces Priscilla Huskfoot, today's common 'tater. Cuz sings his version of Patsy Clone's song "My Daddy Told Me". They move on to Fromain Forum, and take the first caller - who lambastes Cuz with "constructive criticism". Caller Two, it turns out, is actually the usual Caller Numbah One - and trouble ensues, as the first caller puts the run to Caller Two. Then Trappah Wildes shows up, and tells about a picnic on the Grindstone Road, followed by stories of Fred Clifford, Walt Lakeman and Rainbow Lake. Cuz and Cuzzie talk about her experiences on Golden Ridge. They end up talking about their parent's dogs - and applesauce from her Grammie.
Cuz discusses "The View" from the NUB, then tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Squall Buttz goes "plum crazy", and out on a limb - so to speak. Tony Boozer shows up to describe his RV's - "Resting Vessels" - to test drive a casket in advance of the appointed time. Squally introduces Cuz and Cuzzy, and Cuzzy can't seem to find her voice. Ross Cramberry tells how "You Don't Know Poor" - telling just how poor he and Tunk Brackett were as kids. Then, Squall reintroduces Cuzzy, who is still out of voice, and introduces Cuz singin' "The Panty Hose Song". Squall pitches his "Thorn Wreaths", a one-of-a-kind Made-in-Maine product. Cuz and Trappah end the show talkin' about the 'lection - unsuccessfully.
Cuz tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme" - after telling all his fans to email the podcast sites how much they like the show - in other words, lie! Then he introduces today's common 'tater - Farney D. Farney enters the entrepreneurial ranks with his plan to rent out Interstate Highway culverts as low income housing. Cuz sings his song "Wonder Bar", after which a short argument between Cuz and Farney ensues. Ross takes over 'til the sparks die down. Cuz tells a couple stories about Mert Lane. Ross then tells a few of his own about the old days in Yawdem, shoveling snow. Cuz and Cuzzie talk about "Remember the Time", and her Mother tucking her in at night, and sewing clothes. Cuz introduces a new feature - a recording of his Odd Uncle Wilbur, monkeying around - so to speak.
Video Introduction by Cuzin Waine at WNUB, to a neighboring moose on the Nub. To demonstrate the intelligence of moose in general, Cuz trains his neighbor to use his invenshun - the pogo-axe - to split this winter's wood. You will be amazed, possibly.....amused - undoubtedly!
This is the same video - Video Introduction by Cuzin Waine at WNUB - edited with some fancy stuff we found somewhere - just hate to throw anything out, we always try to recycle up here on the Nub. Actually, our techy just found out how to run the program - we might even pay him now!
Cuz explains the many meanings behind the acronym WNUB. Priscilla Huskfoot, the designated common 'tater - loses control and gets quite emotional over her unreciprocated love. Cuz attempts to smooth things over, and moves on to Fromain Forum. The first caller is speaking German, and wants an explanation of the Hybrid Watchdog for those not wanting Life Support. Tony Boozer explains this concept on his commercial for the Kevorkian Reliever, a "Seeing Die Dog". Cuz sings his homemade Christmas song "Someday". On "Remember the Time" Cuzzie talks about things she did when she was little, mistakes made, and imaginary friends. All the characters get together for a rousing rendition of "Silent Night".
Cuz starts with his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Squall Buttz introduces Cuz singing "No Cats On the Moon". Cuzzie can't seem to find her "story voice", so they postpone her portion of the show. On "Fromain Forum", Caller #1 asks about methods of "harnessing" wild animals for human tasks. Ross Cramberry tells about roping a moose to pull off the hindquarter, and his friend who used to watch TV with his horse. Squall introduces Gove Finestein, who stops by to help Cuzzie find her voice. The whole "Backwards" gang finishes by accompanying Cuz singing "Auld Lang Syne".
Cuz tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme", and talks about the recent weather. Cuz describes a backwards invention by a group of "out of the tank" thinkers - a snowsled for years with no snow, that runs on styrofoam cups. It is based on the snow-globe theory, and has to roll-over to start the snowstorm. Priscilla Huskfoot is on a sow-battical due to stress, forcing Cuz to search for a temporary replacement common-tater. Cuz introduces a candidate for the job, a Ms Effeneffer, whom he calls Effie, until things get out of hand. Cuz next goes to a homemade song - a live version of "I Remember Mama". Tony Boozer drops by to describe his latest scheme - "Graveyard Golf".
Cuz opens with some guitar pickin', and puts in a word for Thom Knowles of Lee, Maine at Dragonfly Instruments. Squall T. Buttz shows up to fill-in since Priscilla's "melt-down". Cuz sings a new song, "Take Me Back". Squall tells about the Blame family of Golden Ridge. Cuzzie finally finds her voice, and tells some random stories of her youth, on "'Member the Time". She tells of books she read, games she played, and embarrassing times as a child. Cuz puts on his first official ad for a Maine-made product, the Berry Bear - "Aroarer Berry Alice" - by Linda Berry. Tony Boozer, from a recorded message, extols the benefits of the Berry Bear. Warden Lovesey tells a story about snail hunting from a tree stand.
#42 Warden Lovesey continues the "Shortest Joke Ever, that Takes the Longest Time to Tell", by giving you the second of five words. Cuz tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Farney Dee introduces a backwards song with the whole Golden Ridge gang singing along, sort of a community effort: "Use It All Up". Farney gives the listeners a chance to win a gift certificate for a free pair of newly dyed briefs from the Tony Boozer Collection of "Bruce's Briefs". Pierre Froge is introduced, and tells some fishing stories. On "Fromain Forum", Caller #1 calls to entice Cuz, and is abruptly cut off. Ross tells a story about attracting deer with "dough" scent. Trappah tells about fishing with Cuz, and really getting skunked.
Cuz debates the meanings of "spell", and things go downhill from there. He tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme", then Farney Dee shows up to bail Cuz out. Warden Lovesey shows up to tell the third word of the "World's Shortest Joke". Farney introduces Cuz and the gang singing another couple harmonious renditions - "Barrel of Money" and "This Old House". Cuzzie has found her voice, and on "'Member the Time" tells about cooking up a batch of "sumthin" and getting sick on the spices. Then about piling into the car in their pajamas to see a moose that was downtown. She talks about "walking the beams" in the hayloft. Farney then introduces a new segment of the show; Cuz reading from a story by Hank Curley called "Chief Henry Red Eagle".
Cuz talks about the recent weather, and then his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Squally shows up and tells of getting lost with Cuzzie and Gove while searching for Priscilla's camp. Warden Lovesey doesn't show up, forcing him at a later date to start his snail joke over again from the beginning. Cuz and all the gang all gather for more harmonious songs; "You Are My Sunshine", "Up the Lazy River", "Keep 'Em Down on the Farm", "Whispering" and "I Want a Girl". Cuzzie has her voice, and on "'Member the Time", talks about haying time. Cuz interviews Mixed-up Magoon - quite an experience for sure. Cuz rants about the China Metric Con.
Cuz gives a preview of next Fall's WNUB sponsored "Snowfall Festival" that will feature offerings of local outdoor businesses based on Maine's Winter weather, to entice the outdoor types to visit Maine. This might even feature defunct Playboy bunnies doing an "in-the-nude" North Pole dance. After his "Stinking Little Rhyme", Cuz introduces F.E. Effeneffer, the newest common 'tater. F.E. turns the mike over to the Backwards Gang singing seven songs, from "Laid Around" to "Don't Fence Me In". F.E. introduces Cuz and Cuzzie on "'Member the Time". Cuzzie talks about homemade biscuits on the wood cook stove every morning before school, and her Mama making fudge and popcorn on Saturday nights. Fromain Forum deals with a discussion of "Spring-Loaded Climbing Shoes". Ross Cramberry Tells a Katahdin Legend about bow-legged pigs.
Cuz ponders the odds of there being another Backwards of Maine somewhere else in the Universe. Cuz tells about Pierre the frog scientist, then his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Farney Dee introduces Cuz and the Backwards gang once again singing in harmony; "Red River Valley", "For Me and My Gal", "Sentimental Journey", and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love". Farney introduces Cuz and Cuzzie on "'Member the Time", talking about jar rubbers, and what her mother canned every year. Farney introduces Warden Lovesey who starts his shortest joke by telling the first word - again. Ross Cramberry takes over the mike for "What Goes Around, Comes Around". On this episode, Pa talks about cow methane and Global Warming.
Cuz discusses how Mainer's "puh-nounce" words, and then tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Squall T. Buttz reminisces about Aunt Hazel and bodily odors. Squall introduces Cuz and the gang in the privio singing "Mr. Sandman", "Gonna Write Myself a Letter", and "In the Evening by the Moonlight". Squall announces a new segment on the show called "Ridge Rumors" with the latest news on Golden Ridge. Squall introduces Cuz and Cuzzie on "'Member the Time", talking about roosters and skunks. Cuz brings on Warden Lovesey who tells the second word of his joke. Priscilla and Gove "Fieldstone" Finestein are next, but things get confusing when joined by Cuz and Squall who have a disagreement, and are relieved at the microphone by Ross Cramberry.
Cuz tells a little history about Golden Ridge. Next he gives another "Stinking Little Rhyme". Cuz discusses the need for privies in the "Big Apple". Effie introduces Trappah telling how to keep warm at minus twenty. Song time has Cuz singing "Dear Bangor", dedicated to the returning 170 soldiers of the Maine National Guard from Iraq. He follows this with "Big Maine Moose". Effie introduces Ross with the "Nub News". Ross describes the "Goose Assisted Wind Mill" and other Nub invenshuns. Warden Lovesey returns with the third word of the world's shortest joke. "'Member the Time" returns with Cuzzie talking about View Masters and Give-a-Show Projectors, and playing hopscotch when the snow melted in the spring.
Cuz describes Golden Ridge during the winter, then tells his "Stinking Little Rhyme". Farney D. shows up as the common 'tater for the episode, and talks about olden days in Yawdem near Salmon Stream. Farney introduces "NUB News" with Ross, who tells about an original Yawdem method of wood splitting introduced by Chester, and about a skunk wreath, followed by some foolishness from Ju-Ju and Ro-Ro. Farney D. introduces Cuz singing "You Don't Feel Like a Hero" and "DAV Dancer" in honor of the troops. Farney introduces Warden Lovesey telling the 4th word of his "Shortest Joke Ever That Takes the Longest Time to Tell". Next Cuzzie and Cuz bring "'Member the Time", talking about routines around the farm. Cuzzie tells about the smell of the cleaner her Mom used on the linoleum every week, what food was served on certain nights, and how they had dessert with every supper. Next is a surprise message from Priscilla Huskfoot.
Cuz finally got permission to do an official interview of Cuzzie's Mom. This is our first opportunity to learn about the source of many of the tales Cuzzie has told on "'Member the Time".
In this second of 3 interviews with Cuzzie's Mom, Cuz continues with questions about life in Sherman in days gone by, which are where many of the tales Cuzzie has told on "'Member the Time" came from.
In this interview with Bev Rand, Cuz learns a lot about Maine and Golden Ridge from an expert farmer. Bev tells many tales of days gone by.
Cuz interviewed Irvin Gerald Patterson in his home on May 5, 2007. In this interview, "Pat" told stories of his youth, about teams of horses, and farming in the early part of the 1900's. Gerald was born on August 19, 1914.
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